National AR Network Meeting

National AR Network Meeting – 03.02.2020

Alpha held a 2 day event, for all staff & members of our ever growing Appointed Representative Network. The plan was to offer continued support and guidance to all, along with furthering knowledge about the current business performance and the plans for the future of Alpha Asset Finance Ltd.

We firmly believe in ‘people first’, so investing time to bring the team together is a key focus of Alpha and its directors.

Day One – 02.02.2020

Day one included a full day training session with members of our network, to give them the tools and understanding they need to make the most of their connection with Alpha. An intensive live tutorial of the unique ACE system, ensured that all members of the network are fully up to date with the latest improvements to an ever expanding system. There was a lot of excitement regarding the upcoming developments, shared by all.

After a delicious lunch, all members of the Network were given a full update on Alpha’s company performance, all based on 100% live data driven from the ACE system. It was amazing to show the network how Alpha has increased advances and grown dramatically month on month, ever since day one. The reported 267% growth has been a headline many have commented on & we are confident we can keep a dramatic rate of growth in the future also.

After a fact filled & enjoyable day, everyone present took to the floor in a 3 minute ‘paper plane challenge’. The task, create the most accurate flying paper plane, in 3 minutes. Every member had a single test flight, with the opportunity for a further few seconds of refinement.. Before aiming for the target on the wall. Safe to say, we all make better brokers than engineers! James Mossey was victorious & won a nice little prize to finish the day!

Day one was topped off with an evening at The Tap & Tonic followed by dinner at Eden Winebar, Grantham.

Day Two – 03.02.2020

Day two was designed around Alpha’s lenders.

Meeting a selection of 10 lenders, from our 20+ strong lending panel, to learn more about the specific offerings each lender has, along with their appetite for specific assets and customer profiles.

We were so grateful to welcome 10 of the UK’s finest lenders, to our offices. Each lender gave a concise presentation to the room, along with a Q&A to allow a chance for collaboration. All members of the AR Network left feeling positive and reassured, by the focus and determination of every lender working in partnership with Alpha.

It was a fantastic event & something that Alpha will be running frequently, especially considering the fantastic feedback that we received from everybody present, including our guest speakers & lenders.


To find out more about becoming part of our AR Network – Click Here


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