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Broker Manager Login Area

You will receive a unique login, to gain access to the ‘lender section’ of the all new ‘Alpha Customer Experience’ system (A.C.E)

Upon successfully entering the login information that is provided to you, you will get direct access into the Alpha system, seeing all of the relevant information to you and your business.

Live Graphical Representation

The system is live and runs on up to the minute accurate data. This means that at ANY time you can hop onto your dashboard and see a real and true live position in regards to deals live, in progress and completed.

The dashboard is documented in a tabular, list and graphical format to suit all. We are constantly developing the MI that is featured on the A.C.E lender dashboards to allow a useful snapshot overview.

Interactive Customer List View

Within the A.C.E system you can review ALL of the customers that we have placed with your bank, since inception. The system details everything in regards to the dealings with Alpha and of course with you, the lender.

We get the approval to run searches, communicate with the customer and relevant sign offs, all via the system. This is all data logged for future clarity should there be a requirement to know the dates and times the T&C’s were read, digested and confirmed.

You can easily see, at the click of a button, all of the customers that Alpha have placed with your business.

Interactive Deal List View

The A.C.E system allows you, the lender, to review all aspects of past, current and future potential deals. The deals list enables the viewing user to see a snapshot view of the entire pipeline with Alpha.

We aim to develop this aspect further, to better understand what deals we have in progress, why they have not yet completed and what is outstanding to get the deal over the line for the customer!

All uploaded documents to support a deal can be accessed via the A.C.E deals page & directly downloaded to save the worry of losing an email thread. Following the custom references per deal we can all keep track of our ongoing applications more effectively.

More About A.C.E

What is A.C.E?

A.C.E is a fully secure online platform, furnishing the customer with up to date, relevant information at all stages of current finance applications. An overview dashboard of current and historic deals gives the customer an open, transparent view of their applications.

The customer has the ability to contact their broker, via an online messaging system. Live chat is also featured, meaning almost instant replies from the relevant broker looking after you and your application.

The process is made significantly more simple, with the ability to easily upload requested documents & relevant paperwork to the application.

How do lenders use A.C.E?

At present, Alpha Asset Finance Ltd are the only company with access to the A.C.E system. A.C.E is available on all devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets & smartphones meaning that no matter where you are, you are only one click away from reviewing live progress.

Lenders can view current levels of business that has been placed with their bank, along with a breakdown of deal size, type and who the individual broker is!

Do customers have to use A.C.E?

No! If they prefer the traditional methods of asset finance, we can of course accommodate their needs.

Is A.C.E Secure?

Yes. Security has been a main focus since the inception of A.C.E. 

Website traffic between the server and both customers and the A.C.E system is secured via a domain-validated SSL certificate with a 2048-bit RSA key.

Use of the SSL certificate is enforced for all HTTP traffic to the A.C.E website. Data stored within the A.C.E backend is limited to that which is necessary to allow customers to remain informed about the status of their deal as it progresses through all stages of the deal. The A.C.E database is accessible only to the specified domains website. Data is stored encrypted at rest with an AES 256-bit encryption in CBC mode, with a message authentication code (MAC) to detect modifications to the encrypted information.

The customer will be required to set a suitable personal password upon their first login. Emails are sent to customers, from time to time, to inform them of a change to the status of their deal. These emails contain minimal information, ostensibly an introduction and a link to the secure website to view the details of the deal to maintain data privacy and reduce any data loss risk.

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