How can exercise help create a positive working environment?

We all want to exceed in our work roles and be productive. We want to be able to fly through that to-do list with a breeze, increase our creativity and be able to multitask effortlessly. However, no matter how hard you push yourself, you always feel exhausted and burned out.exercise

So surely, there is a simpler way to achieve the results you want?

You will be happy to know yes, there is. The answer is exercise. Now you are probably thinking, ‘I don’t have time for that’ or ‘doing exercise will not help me in my work role’. Many studies have shown that exercise increases productivity in all areas of your life, gives you more energy and improves your mental capacity. In other words, exercise helps with ‘brain fog’.

By exercising, you will increase your productivity due to you being more alert. When you exercise, you increase the blood flow to the brain, which sharpens your awareness and makes you ready to tackle your next big project. You will have so much energy to be on top form and perform your work correctly and to the best of your ability.

Studies have shown those office workers who exercise regularly found that sitting for long periods was linked to lower work productivity and decreased mental well-being. Many employers have implemented ‘sit less, move more’ interventions such as standing desks and offering employees time for exercise during work hours to improve productivity.exercise

Another study showed a 72% improvement in time management and workload completed on the days they exercised.

Not only does exercise help with keeping in shape and improving your productivity at work, but most importantly, it helps with your mental health. Regular exercise can help curb feelings of anxiety and depression. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter in the brain that sends messages to the body to stimulate mood and emotion, and these are released when you exercise. Meaning that it makes you feel better, improves your state of mind, and helps with handling the stress of work more manageable.

Stress in the workplace is common, so it’s essential that you can deal with stress constructively. Coping with stress can help you improve your relationships with colleagues and have a more secure future with your employer.

Alongside helping your mental health, exercise can also increase your self-esteem. Self-esteem impacts your decision-making process, relationships, emotional health, and overall well-being. It also influences motivation as people with a healthy, optimistic view of themselves understand their potential and may feel inspired to take on new challenges.

Here at Alpha Asset Finance, we understand the importance of exercise and how it can help us in many ways. Brad, our Managing Director, is one of several at Alpha Asset who uses a personal trainer to ensure that he makes time for exercise in his busy schedule.

Here are Brad’s views on how his personal trainer, Steve, has helped him:

“Personally, it has given me the mental strength to drive the business forward in testing times – difficult scenarios are broken down into bite-size pieces and addressed and resolved. I feel stronger, healthier and have more energy.  Steve, my personal trainer, has instilled a ‘Can do attitude’…

It has given me more motivation at work and home – doing more with my kids..!  Steve has been able to re-focus us mentally – nothing hurts more than an hour PT with Steve – so everything else seems like a walk in the park’!  I am physically and mentally stronger.  My focus has improved, and my ability to get the job done has never been more apparent!”

Steve Young, MPT Fitness is a personal trainer who now works with several of the Alpha Asset Finance team.

exercise exercise exercise   exercise

We asked Steve why he thinks exercise brings a positive mindset to the workplace, and he explained:

“Fitness and general exercise are great for the body, soul and mindset. It doesn’t happen overnight; you have to be consistent with health and fitness to develop a positive mindset. It’s not easy either, and simple habits worked on every day lead to a good mindset’s growth opportunity. To create their habits, you must get out of your comfort zone.

All these answers through exercise and discoveries you find within yourself are transferrable to your workspace and your friend and family relationships. Pushing your limits with exercising truly demonstrates what kind of a person you are. Nobody asks for GB athlete standards, but one thing which was drummed into me from my old staff instructors was your appearance paints a thousand words of yourself.

exerciseFor you to talk a positive mindset, you must have been through challenges yourself, in my eyes. It’s good to talk about a good game but have you done it yourself? I ask many people. 

Somebody with a positive mindset with a workspace is already 1 step ahead. They can turn negatives into positives. Something workspaces without any doubt should employ. Might not be necessarily good at the job itself, but over time a positive outlook will overcome everything in the long run with room for development. Positive mindset = productivity, that’s scientifically proven.”

We also asked Steve if he had any advice for those working from home who want to stay fit:

My advice would be to exercise early doors. A great book to read is the ‘5 am CLUB’. This book shows you how to be better equipped for the days taskings simply by waking up an hour earlier and doing 30 mins of exercise. It doesn’t have to be fancy simply get moving either in your kitchen from a YouTube workout class or a jog around the block; whatever it is, just MOVE. Do this over six weeks you’ll create a better habit and something you can implement as part of your daily routine.

Top tips for working out either at home or not:

  • Get up early (master the art of discipline)
  • Exercise for 30 mins
  • Read for 30 mins
  • Cold (ish) shower
  • Healthy breakfast
  • Hydrate

By doing these, you will have a better mindset, create productivity in your life and development in your self-care.”

As you probably already know, exercise is recommended for a healthy lifestyle, and there is an endless list of the benefits that will help you with your work and your life in general. As previously said, you don’t need to break a sweat or make your body ache to get your brain on top; a short exercise workout will give you the results.

You will quickly notice a difference in yourself even just after a couple of weeks of implementing an exercise routine. Exercise is vital when creating a positive work environment.

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