Jody Stewart

Jody Stewart

Professional History:

My career to date has been in Commercial Strategy, creating and leading projects and initiatives with SMEs, global brands and governments in the technology arena, with a lean toward travel tech. Pin-pointing needs and working out how to fulfil them is precisely what I do. More often these needs relate to better sales, financing solutions, access to assets, slicker returns on investments (margins), and bottom line management (cost).

I loved my previous industry, although with travel on it’s knees, the time had come to explore other ventures. I had also moved to another city at that time and it felt it was the right moment to change my work environment too, applying my commercial and economic experience into the asset finance sector, an area which has always been part of my strategic growth plans over the years. I have several close friends and family in the sector so I’m constantly exposed to it and hyper-familiar with its workings.

Time is my most precious commodity nowadays. I want to do business on the ground more regularly and with more fluidity, instead on five or ten year strategic plans where you rarely see instant results. I want to offer my services to start-ups, SMEs, multi-nationals…in fact, any company that strives to be better. My commitment is to add immediate value to my clients and those I work with ; asset financing with the (free) added value of commercial strategic thinking.

Have a peek at my LinkedIn profile for more detail and please do feel free to contact me anytime.

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